Denali National Park

Alaska is home to a lot of extremely beautiful locations and overlooks, and one of those locations is the Denali National Park. Denali spans across over six million acres of land with many different types of animals, plants, and structures along the way. This park has something to offer for everyone, local residents, tourists, pets, and kids.

One of Denali’s biggest attractions, is the 20,320 foot peak at Mount Mckinley, which is the tallest peak in all of North America.

Denali National Park Visitor Center

Almost every park has some sort of a visitor center for guests to come and learn about the history of the park, purchase things from the gift shop, and other various activities. However, the quality of these centers is not always on par; that is not the case with the Denali Visitor Center.

This center is located at the 1 ½ mile marker on Park Road. Park rangers are standing by to assist any guests of the park with needs they may have, or questions they’d like answered. This center also features a 20 minute, non-narrated film that shows off some of the Denali’s best features. The film is entitled “Heartbeats of Denali”, and is shown every 30 minutes throughout the day.

Hours for the Denali NP Visitor Center are 8 AM – 6 PM daily, and the center is open from May 15th – September 17th.

What is the cost to visit Denali National Park?

Pricing for Denali is a bit more expensive than most National Parks, but is also done differently than what is normally seen. Visitors will be required to purchase a seven-day pass for $10, and this is for each individual person as opposed to the vehicle pass most parks offer. Children 15 years old and younger will have their entrance fee waived.

Most local residents and recurring travelers often opt to purchase a Denali Annual Park Entrance Pass. Essentially this acts the same as the regular pass, but is valid for 12 months instead of just one week. The price for the Annual Pass is $40, and can be purchased from the Talkeetna Ranger Station along with the regular entrance pass. Passes are also available via the Denali Visitor Center in the summer-time, however the Ranger Station is open year round.

What activities are available at Denali National Park?

A lot of visitors to Denali will take advantage of the park’s bus tour options. The road through Denali is 92 miles long, but residential vehicles are only able to drive up to 15 miles through the road, and only during the summer months. Therefore by not taking the bus, guests are going to miss out on over 75% of Denali’s full experience.

Of course Denali also features a lot of different activities, such as cycling, hiking, camping, and even fishing. However one thing you’ll see here that you won’t in many other places, is the Denali Sled Dogs. Since they have always been a huge park of Alaskan history, it’s a no brainer that the Sled Dogs would be a major attraction to this park. Visitors can see the dogs in action and see how exactly they’ve helped many people over the years with everyday life in Alaska.

Although Sport hunting is prohibited by law at Denali, local guests are allowed to engage in subsistence hunting and trapping in certain areas of the park. Guests are required to have a valid hunting license for the state of Alaska, and are expected to know and follow all of the state’s hunting rules and regulations while on the park.

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