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One of the most beautiful national parks in the United States is located in Maine, and it goes by the name Acadia. Besides the sheer beauty of this park, visitors will also find it to be much more diverse in comparison to others. Acadia is home to the tallest mountain on the Atlantic Coast, as well as many different species of plants and animals.

Of course visuals don’t make a park by themselves, there is also some mild to intense hiking in the granite peaks for people of all skill levels. Geologic Formations in this park are gorgeous to look at as well, especially Bubble Rock, which is just one of the many glacial erratic rocks found in Acadia.

When can I visit Acadia National Park?

There are multiple Visitors Centers, Museums, and Campgrounds to visit in Acadia. However, not everything is open at the same time, so it’s important you visit when attractions that most interest you are available.

Visitor Centers

-        Hulls Cove Visitor Center: Open May 19th – October 31st; 9 AM – 5 PM

-        Park Headquarters: Open November 1st – May 18th; Contact information 207-288-3338

-        Thompson Island Information Center: Open May 15th – October 15th; Hours vary

-        Village Green Information Center: Open June 23rd – Columbus Day; 8 AM – 5 PM

Museums and Campgrounds

-        Islesford Historical Museum: TBD

-        Sieur de Monts Nature Center: Open May 25th – October 1st; 9 AM – 5 PM (Closes at 4PM during September)

-        Blackwoods Campground: Open all year

-        Seawall Campground: Open May 31st – September 31st

-        Duck Harbor Campground: Open May 15th – October 15

How much does it cost to visit Acadia National Park?

In order to visit the park, you’ll need to purchase a seven day pass. The price runs $20 for a Private Vehicle with a maximum of 15 passengers, this pass is valid for all occupants of the vehicle. For a motorcycle, this pass is $5, and for a pedestrian on foot or bicycle it is $5.

For those who may live in the area or visit frequently, there is also the option to purchase an annual pass to Acadia National Park for only $40. Senior citizens of 62 or older may purchase a lifetime senior pass for just $10.

Other than that, there are several days where entrance to Acadia is free, these days include: January 21st (Martin Luther King Jr Weekend), April 22nd – 26th (National Park Week), August 25th (National Park Service Birthday), September 28th (National Public Lands Day), and November 9th – 11th (Veteran’s Day Weekend)

What is there to do in Acadia National Park?

In addition to the Visitor Centers, Museums, and Campgrounds, there are also many different hiking and climbing areas for the adventurous type to enjoy. Acadia also hosts some fantastic bike paths and trails, as well as different boating and fishing areas. Other options include Swimming, Scenic Drives, Horseback Riding, Picnics, Winter Activities, and the park has even been home to a few weddings throughout its existence.

There’s plenty of fun for kids as well, Acadia National Park is proud to offer a Junior Ranger Program that runs from May 15th – October 31st. This program helps teach kids about the park while participating in different fun activities and supervised programs.

For those interested in learning more about the park from an expert, Acadia offers Guided Tours. To reserve a bus tour or get more information, you can contact the park center at 207-288-0300. Acadia also offers Narrated Boat Cruises, with the most popular being Baker Island. Contact information for the Baker Island Cruise: 207-288-2386.

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