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Everglades National Park is a very important part of the United States, and is able to offer something more than beautiful views and a fun weekend with the family. Twenty percent of the original Everglades is being preserved by the Everglades National Park, which is vital to a lot of different environmental factors. Located in the state of Florida, this NP actually ranks number three out of the lower 48 states in regards to size, only topped by Death Valley and Yellowstone.

When can I visit Everglades National Park?

The park itself is open year-round, 24 hours a day, but guests are encouraged to look into different areas of the park they may be interested in and ensure that those areas will be open during their visit as different attractions or sites may be closed for various reasons.

At the Homestead, which is the main entrance, visitors are connected to both the Flamingo Area and the Royal Palm area. Entrance fees are collected at this location, however, these fees do not cover any type of boating rentals or tours. If entering via the Everglades City, there is no fee, but again there will be fees for boating activities.

It is highly recommended that visitors of the Everglades National Park head over to the Ernest Coe Visitor Center, which is open 365 days a year. This center offers a variety of different brochures, displays, and films about the park and its history. Hours for the Ernest Coe Visitor Center are from 9 AM – 5 PM, and you can contact the center by phone at (305) 242-7700.

How much does it cost to visit Everglades National Park?

Fees will vary slightly depending on how exactly you plan to enter the park, but in most cases a private vehicle will be granted a seven day pass in exchange for $10. This pass is valid for up to seven days after purchase, and can be purchased by one individual on motorcycle, bicycle, or walking for just $5.

The Everglades NP also offers an Annual Pass for recurring guests, this pass is valid for 12 months and costs $25, and will be valid for one non-commercial vehicle and it’s passengers.

Any visitors entering by boat into either the Everglades City or Florida Bay, will not be required to pay an entrance fee. Keep in mind any park hosted boating or camping activities will require an additional fee to the entrance pass purchase.

What camping options are available for Everglades National Park?

Camping is available in the Everglades NP, guests are able to choose from four different sites including the Frontcountry, Backcountry, Flamingo, and Long Pine Key Campgrounds. Flamingo is by far the most popular area as it features 235 available sites for guests to camp, and these areas are given on a first-come, first-serve policy.

Cost for camping at both the Flamingo and Long Pine Key is $16 per night, or $8 per night if a member of the group holds a senior or access pass. Electrical Hookup sites are available, however there are only 41 of these sites and the cost increases to $30, or $15 for senior/access pass holders.

Frontcountry camping follows similar standards to that of Flamingo and Long Pine, however the backcountry is a little different. Guests who wish to camp in the backcountry are required to obtain a permit from the Flamingo Visitor Center, which requires a registration process. From April 1st – November 16th the permit is free, however after the 16th of November permits cost $10 plus $2 for each additional person, per night. Permits will retain this fee until the month of April.

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