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Located in the state of Washington, the Mount Rainier National Park is a wonderful exhibit of a true natural monument. Mount Rainier is actually an active volcano, as well as the most glaciated peak in all of the United States, and six major rivers spawn from this volcano. The highest peak of Mount Rainier reaches a staggering 14,410 feet in the sky.

When can I visit Mount Rainier National Park?

Mount Rainier is open year round, and gets exceptionally busy in the summer months of July and August when the wildflowers are in full bloom. This makes parking quite difficult especially on the weekends during summer, so guests are encouraged to consider visiting in the middle of the week in order to free up more space.

Mount Rainier National Park Visitor Centers

There are numerous different visitor centers and museums to check out at Mount Rainier, but they often are not all open at the same time. The Longmire Museum is open from mid-may until August 26th, and its operational hours are 9 AM – 5 PM, Thursday through Sunday only.

The Henry M Jackson Memorial Visitor Center is open all year long, however, in the winter months of October – April it is only open on weekends. It is typically open from 10 AM – 7PM, with the exception of the winter months where it is only open on weekends, it also closes early at 5 PM.

Mount Rainier National Park Campgrounds

Cougar Rock is the main campground area at Mount Rainier, and is open from June 27th – September 29th. The campground offers 173 individual campsites with a fee of $12 – $15 depending on the particular campsite. It is equipped with flush toilet restrooms as well as fresh running water.

Ohanapecosh is another campground at Mount Rainier, this area opens up earlier than Cougar Rock, with opening day being May 24th. This campground closes September 29th just like Cougar Rock, as well as the third campground area which is named White River. Ohanapecosh offers 188 different campsites ranging from $12 – $15 per night.

White River opens up June 28th and closes September 29th, it offers 112 different campsites at a flat rate of $12 per night. Running water and flush toilets are available at the White River campground site.

How much does it cost to visit Mount Rainier National Park?

The cost to enter Mount Rainier is $15 for a non-commercial private vehicle. Guests will be given a seven day pass for continued use if they’d like to return to the park later in the week. Individuals travelling by foot, bicycle, or motorcycle will be charged $5 for a similar seven day pass designated for one person. Annual entrance passes are available for just $30, and will give the purchaser access for one full year to the park.

Certain days throughout the year don’t require any payment to enter the park, these days include: Matin Luther King Jr Day (Jan. 21st), National Park Week (Apr. 22nd – 26th), National Public Lands Day (Sept. 28th), and Veteran’s Day Weekend (Nov. 9th – 11th).

Of course the entrance pass as well as the free pass days do not waive any fees in regards to camping or other activities guests choose to partake in, such as climbing. Climbing is a big attraction at Mount Rainier National Park, however guests who wish to venture on a climbing expedition will need to first purchase a climbing pass. The cost for a climbing pass is $44 per person 25 years of age or older, and $31 for those who are under 25.

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