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People have often referred to Colorado as the Rocky Mountain State, one can only imagine that this is due to the fact it is home of the great Rocky Mountain National Park. Spanning over a massive 415 square miles, the Rocky Mountains provide nearly an endless amount of exploration. Not only is the area massive in size, the history aspect is phenomenal as well. Research shows that the Rocky Mountains were in use long before the United States were even formed.

Rocky Mountain National Park is a prime destination for anyone visiting the state of Colorado, there is plenty of fun for kids and adults with a lot of knowledge to be obtained as well.

When can I visit Rocky Mountain National Park?

The park itself is open 24 hours a day, so any visitors with a pass may enter or exit whenever they’d like. Certain areas of the park may be closed off due to weather conditions or reconstruction, so guests are encouraged to inquire with the park before visiting to ensure any activities they plan taking advantage of will be available.

Rocky Mountain National Park Visitor Centers

Visitor Centers are typically the most visited areas of any park, so it is important to note when these centers will be open as well, especially for newcomers. The Alpine Visitor Center is open daily from 9 AM – 5 PM, this center offers exhibits regarding the alpine tundra, as well as a gift shop/bookstore and restrooms.

Beaver Meadows Visitor Center is open daily from 8 AM – 6 PM, and is closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Here visitors will be able to watch a 20 minute orientation film about Rocky Mountain National Park to become acquainted with the area easily. Park Rangers are normally on site to answer any additional questions guests may have.

How much does it cost to visit Rocky Mountain National Park?

In order to enter Rocky Mountain, you’ll need to purchase either an annual pass or a seven day pass. The cost for this pass is $20 for any non-commercial vehicle and all of its passengers, individuals travelling on motorcycles, bicycles, or on foot can purchase a seven day pass for $10. Annual passes can be purchased for $40, and will grant access to the park for one full year.

Please note that the entrance fee does not cover any additional camping or tour fees that may occur for use of those activities. There are however, several days throughout the year where guests can enter the park for free, still this does not waive the additional activity fees. The “fee free” days include: January 21st (Martin Luther King Day), April 22nd – 26th (National Park Week), August 25th (National Park Service Birthday), September 28th (Public Lands Day), and November 9th – 11th (Veterans Day Weekend)

Rocky Mountain National Park Camping

Camping is huge at Rocky Mountain, there are six different campgrounds for guests to choose from when looking to camp. The largest and most common campground would is the Glacier Basin Campground which spans across 8500 ft., and is located on Bear Lake Road. There are 150 available campsites placed across 4 different loops, and the cost to camp at Glacier Basin is $20 per site, per night.

The second most popular camping choice for Rocky Mountain National Park is the Aspenglen Campground, which spans across 8200 ft. and offers 53 different campsites. Tent pads are 13 by 15 ft, cost to camp is $20 per site per night. Cellphones will not receive service in Aspenglen, but there is an emergency phone available at the ranger station.

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