Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Located in the state of Hawaii, the Hawaii Volcanoes are literally unlike any other National Park in the world. Obviously once volcanoes have been thrown into the mix of sights to see at a natural monument, some eyebrows are going to be raised. A visit to Hawaii can be extravagant by itself, but the experience only gets better with a trip to the Hawaii Volcanoes.

The Hawaii Volcanoes can almost be a life-changing experience, the realization of how prevalent a volcanic eruption can be is astounding.

When can I visit the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park?

The park itself is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year, including holidays. Although, there may be certain areas of the park that won’t be available depending on the time of the year as well as current weather conditions. Guests are recommended to visit during times where the Visitor Center or Museum are open, unless their plans are simply hiking or relaxation.

The Kilauea Visitor Center and the Jaggar Museum

Hours for the Kilauea Visitor Center are 7:45 AM – 5:00 PM every day of the week. The highlight of this center is a 25 minute film that is shown every hour on the hour throughout the day. The film is entitled “Born of Fire… Born of the Sea” and highlights a lot of the history behind the Hawaii Volcanoes and introduces new guests to the park.

For a closer look at some of the most historic Hawaii artifacts, guests are encouraged to check out the Jaggar Museum which is open daily from 8:30 AM – 7:30 PM.

Volcano Art Center Gallery

Open from 9 AM – 5 PM Daily, the Volcano Art Center Gallery is located right next to the Visitor Center. This is a major attraction of the Hawaii Volcanoes that is really a lot of fun for an entire family, guests will be able to enjoy a look at various art that has been submitted and purchased by the park.

The Art Center Gallery is also home to the Higher Taste Café, which offers “gourmet health food”. Hours for the Higher Taste Café are Tuesday – Saturday from 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM.

What activities are available at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park?

Other than the exhibits and informational booths, there is still plenty to be explored at this National Park. Guests often partake is numerous activities such as Hiking, Biking, Camping, Lava Viewing, and much more. For newcomers, it is recommended that they try out one of the many Ranger Programs available, these are short tours led by a certified park ranger to show off certain areas of the park and give a little history lesson.

What is the cost to visit the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park?

Park entrance fees are relatively cheap in comparison to most National Parks in the United States. Access to the Hawaii Volcanoes can be granted via a 7 day pass, which can be purchased for $10 per non-commercial vehicle. The pass allows the vehicle and all of its passengers to enter the park. For individuals on foot, bicycle, or motorcycle a 7 day pass for just $5.

For those seeking an even greater adventure, there is an option to purchase the Hawaii Tri-park Annual Pass for just $25. This pass gives access to not only the Hawaii Volcanoes, but also the Haleakala National Park and the Pu’uhonua o Honaunau National Park as well, for one full year from the purchase date.

There are several fee free days as designated by the National Park Service where entrance, tour, and transportation fees are waived. These days include: Jan. 21st, Apr. 22nd – 26th, July 13th, Aug. 25th, Sept. 28th, and Nov. 9th – 11th.

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